Climate adaptation concept for the city of Rietberg

The city of Rietberg rises to the challenge of being “Strong in times of climate change” (“Stark in Zeiten des Klimawandels”). As an integral part of adapting to the changing climate, the city asked K.PLAN and EPC to develop a climate adaptation concept. The project kick-off took place on 27 October, 2019 and was integrated into the event “Kürbissonntag”.

As a result of more regularly occurring extreme weather events such as ongoing hot spells or intense rain, the public and municipality have become more aware of the changing climate and its effects. The city of Rietberg is already very engaged in climate protection. Additionally, with its past project “Stark im Regen“ (“Strong in the rain”), the city set a focus on climate adaptation and raised public awareness about intense rain events. In line with the guiding principle “Strong in times of climate change“, Rietberg now goes a step further. The project offices K.PLAN and EPC were tasked by the city to develop a climate adaptation concept as part of the climate protection initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry. As a part of the concept, potentials to for example implement measures aiming to lower stress from heat in the city area are considered. The project aim is the development of a catalogue with climate adaptation measures.

EPC oversees the communication strategy, the participatory process and the public relations. Various participative events such as the project kick-off at “Kürbissonntag”, expert interviews or workshops for the public are meant to ensure the active involvement of relevant stakeholders and the public. These events should also help to significantly shape the project’s progress and success. Additionally, beneficial and necessary networks within the city administration and with other municipalities will be revealed. To engage the public, PR-products will be implemented.

Project duration

2019 – 2020


Dr. Ulrich Eimer

The Project consortium

  • K.Plan GmbH
  • EPC – Project Corporation Clima. Sustainability. Communications. mbH (non-profit)


Energy efficiency

Adaptation design

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