Integrated climate protection concept for the city of Gelsenkirchen

Like other cities in Germany and North-Rhine Westphalia, Gelsenkirchen can, to some extent, account for longstanding experience with concepts, projects and execution processes in the area of municipal climate protection. As a result, the city can exhibit a broad knowledge about factual connections, instruments and potential stakeholders, and also a variety of executed projects in relation to energy efficiency, renewable energies as well as climate adaptation. Nevertheless, the successes do not yet meet the requirements of the global climate protection targets.

Therefore, the municipality asked EPC, Gertec, Corporate Values, NERKO and the Wuppertal Institute to develop an integrated climate protection concept, considering the requirements of the climate protection goals of the federal government as well as the Paris climate agreement for 2050. The implementation period for the specific measures and strategic recommendations for action should extend to the year 2030.

An involvement and coordination process with relevant stakeholders within the municipality will be executed to form the basis of the concept. Also, the citizens will be involved in this process. Over the course of the project, and for its conclusion, the results obtained from the participation formats will be presented to the climate advisory council and political committees. In total, seven action areas are considered:

  • Public relations / climate campaign
  • Environmental education
  • The city as a role model
  • Households
  • Trade and industry
  • Energy production and supply
  • Housing market and industry

EPC oversees the topic of climate change adaptation and parts of the extensive, city internal and external stakeholder participation. In terms of the stakeholder participation, a strong emphasis is placed on the recognition of all relevant stakeholders and the identification and assessment of current activities within the city. Also, regional networks and work structures will be examined and incorporated into the concept. Among other activities, a kick-off event, expert discussions and panels will be conducted.

Project duration

2019 – 2020


Dr. Ulrich Eimer
Vera Bartolović

The Project consortium


Energy efficiency

Adaptation design

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