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Our topics.

EPC implements interdisciplinary and sustainable projects at national and international level that focus on the following topics:

  • Climate protection and climate change adaptation, and
  • The biobased economy and resource management.

Biobased economy & resource management

Biobased economy & resource management

CO2-Umwandlung     CO2 conversion

Ressourceneffizienz     Resource efficiency

Bioökonomie     Biobased economy

Climate protection & climate change adaptation

Climate protection & climate change adaptation

Energieeffizienz    Energy efficiency

Erneuerbare Energien    Renewable energies

Anpassungskonzeption    Adaptation design

Anpassungsplanung    Adaptation planning


In addition to concept development and project implementation, our work centers on:

  • Developing and implementing public relations strategies and conducting PR work
  • Integrating the various types of stakeholders in planning and project processes
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Completed projects

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