EPC has many years of experience in project development, both at national and European level. This experience includes grant research and consulting, conceptual development for grant applications, and operational application management.

EPC provides support in the acquisition of funding for the following focus areas within Germany and across Europe: energy efficiency, renewable energies, adaptation design and planning, CO2 conversion, resource efficiency, and the biobased economy.

Neben dem Wissen um die Existenz nationaler und europäischer Fördermöglichkeiten für die Durchführung innovativer Projekte sind Fragen zu Förderkonditionen ebenso wie zur Durchführung der Mittelbeantragung zu klären. Da viele Programme komplex gestaltet sind und sich Förderbedingungen kontinuierlich verändern, stellt eine fundierte Beratung die Voraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Antragstellung dar.

EPC provides support in planning and developing the design of innovative projects, from inception to project implementation.

A structured project development helps create the basis necessary for a successful grant application as well as the subsequent project implementation. Appropriate project and management structures need to be worked out in the early stages of project development. This also includes the selection and integration of suitable project partners.

EPC manages the application processes of complex grant applications.

EPC prepares applications for various national and European funding programs in cooperation with other project partners or the customer, in addition to consistent project development and consortium building. In this process we place great importance on examining the applications for consistency and eligibility for funding.
EPC’s application management services also include communication with the points of contact for national and European programs as well as with future project partners and other specialty agencies.

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