What we offer.

From the development and implementation of projects to the supporting and final evaluation.

EPC works bilingually in the national and European project context and offers innovative services based on many years of experience:

  • Project development
  • Project coordination
  • Communication and moderation
  • Event planning and implementation
  • Evaluation and transfer of results.


EPC has many years of experience in project development, both at national and European level. This experience includes grant research and consulting, conceptual development for grant applications, and operational application management.

EPC provides support in the acquisition of funding for the following focus areas within Germany and across Europe: energy efficiency, renewable energies, adaptation design and planning, CO2 conversion, resource efficiency, and the biobased economy.

Neben dem Wissen um die Existenz nationaler und europäischer Fördermöglichkeiten für die Durchführung innovativer Projekte sind Fragen zu Förderkonditionen ebenso wie zur Durchführung der Mittelbeantragung zu klären. Da viele Programme komplex gestaltet sind und sich Förderbedingungen kontinuierlich verändern, stellt eine fundierte Beratung die Voraussetzung für eine erfolgreiche Antragstellung dar.

EPC provides support in planning and developing the design of innovative projects, from inception to project implementation.

A structured project development helps create the basis necessary for a successful grant application as well as the subsequent project implementation. Appropriate project and management structures need to be worked out in the early stages of project development. This also includes the selection and integration of suitable project partners.

EPC manages the application processes of complex grant applications.

EPC prepares applications for various national and European funding programs in cooperation with other project partners or the customer, in addition to consistent project development and consortium building. In this process we place great importance on examining the applications for consistency and eligibility for funding.
EPC’s application management services also include communication with the points of contact for national and European programs as well as with future project partners and other specialty agencies.


EPC is active as a project coordinator and expert partner in different roles and content areas for projects at national and European level..

EPC supports the project management in national and European projects.

Meticulous project management is essential for the successful completion of complex projects. Transnational and interdisciplinary projects, in particular, place high demands on project coordinators. In addition to organizational and management tasks, our services include providing guidance to project partners, monitoring deadlines, and assisting in financial reporting to funding agencies.
EPC assists the project coordination with the administrative aspect of the project. We are also capable of assuming overall project coordination, if necessary.

EPC acts as a specialist partner providing support for numerous projects, especially in the fields of climate protection, climate change adaptation, biobased economy, and resource management.

EPC can inject its technical expertise into a range of projects: in sector planning and research and in the development of conceptual designs or other technical requirements. The services provided by EPC also include the development of web-based information and interaction portals in projects.


EPC is specialized in planning and implementing both analog and digital communication processes for different target groups as well as the transfer of project results.

EPC ensures the optimization of internal communication processes in project consortiums.

The quality of the communication processes between the partners is key to the success of any project. In addition, the project’s image and appeal can be increased through smooth communication processes with any entities not immediately involved in the project and with the respective funding agencies. EPC supports the project management in all issues regarding public relations.
Furthermore, the communication structures can be analyzed, evaluated, and optimized in close cooperation with the project partners.

EPC ensures that communication processes and the transfer of project results are carried out at a professional level.

An essential part of every project is its public relations work. A high-quality presentation of the project goals, activities, and results serves as documentation of the project’s success and can be used to transmit these far beyond its duration.
EPC creates and maintains the following, among others:

  • Project reports
  • Print media
  • Digital media
  • Digital channels and networks
  • Learning / user platforms
  • Conceptual designs for public relations work and stakeholder inclusion

In addition, EPC supports the public relations work for press conferences, marketing campaigns, conferences, and trade fairs, among others.

EPC organizes and carries out processes targeted at involving stakeholders, especially in projects that involve planning and subsequent implementation.

It is becoming increasingly important for stakeholders to become actively involved in the project for it to be successful. To this end, EPC offers planning, implementation, and evaluation services for stakeholder meetings. In addition, it can organize roundtables, workshops, and other interactive events for purposes of disseminating information and promoting dialog between stakeholders and project partners. EPC’s portfolio also contains a variety of online participation formats, including the use of interactive WebGIS solutions, online conferences and workshops, and web-based survey and analysis tools. Furthermore, EPC develops conceptual designs for interactive public relations work and stakeholder inclusion that extend beyond the scope of the project.

EPC can provide moderation services for online and offline events of varying sizes and designs, including the moderation of panel discussions.

Professional moderation contributes significantly to the success of conferences, workshops, official meetings, and project meetings. In this regard, the implementation and moderation of online events, workshops and webinars play an increasingly important role.
It takes more than comprehensive planning and organizational work for events to run smoothly. Moderation works best when we are in close contact with the speakers throughout the process and can directly exchange ideas with the organizers in the run-up to the respective event.
If required, event moderation can also be provided in English.


EPC offers the subsequent evaluation of projects and project processes as well as relevant planning processes with regard to internal communication structures, working methods, and project results.

EPC supports and evaluates innovative project processes, especially regarding technical innovations and innovative planning processes.

It takes a high degree of proactive consulting and guidance when introducing innovative technologies, especially in the field of renewable energies, but even when planning climate adaptation projects. EPC offers professionally sound planning support as well as the assessment and evaluation of innovative planning processes.

EPC evaluates completed projects under the aspects of efficiency and quality based on target group accuracy, sustainability, and user-friendliness.

EPC attaches great importance to the development of sustainable project concepts and results.

While it is important that a project runs smoothly, the working methods and quality of the results achieved are of great interest to all involved stakeholders, as well.
This is especially relevant for innovative, high-risk projects, where it is essential to have a structured documentation and evaluation of project activities in order to rate criteria.
Such an evaluation provides information about the quality of a current or completed project; likewise, it provides, above all, insights for the optimal structure and implementation of future projects.

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