EPC offers the subsequent evaluation of projects and project processes as well as relevant planning processes with regard to internal communication structures, working methods, and project results.

EPC supports and evaluates innovative project processes, especially regarding technical innovations and innovative planning processes.

It takes a high degree of proactive consulting and guidance when introducing innovative technologies, especially in the field of renewable energies, but even when planning climate adaptation projects. EPC offers professionally sound planning support as well as the assessment and evaluation of innovative planning processes.

EPC evaluates completed projects under the aspects of efficiency and quality based on target group accuracy, sustainability, and user-friendliness.

EPC attaches great importance to the development of sustainable project concepts and results.

While it is important that a project runs smoothly, the working methods and quality of the results achieved are of great interest to all involved stakeholders, as well.
This is especially relevant for innovative, high-risk projects, where it is essential to have a structured documentation and evaluation of project activities in order to rate criteria.
Such an evaluation provides information about the quality of a current or completed project; likewise, it provides, above all, insights for the optimal structure and implementation of future projects.

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