EPC is active as a project coordinator and expert partner in different roles and content areas for projects at national and European level..

EPC supports the project management in national and European projects.

Meticulous project management is essential for the successful completion of complex projects. Transnational and interdisciplinary projects, in particular, place high demands on project coordinators. In addition to organizational and management tasks, our services include providing guidance to project partners, monitoring deadlines, and assisting in financial reporting to funding agencies.
EPC assists the project coordination with the administrative aspect of the project. We are also capable of assuming overall project coordination, if necessary.

EPC acts as a specialist partner providing support for numerous projects, especially in the fields of climate protection, climate change adaptation, biobased economy, and resource management.

EPC can inject its technical expertise into a range of projects: in sector planning and research and in the development of conceptual designs or other technical requirements. The services provided by EPC also include the development of web-based information and interaction portals in projects.

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