BLES – Blendend Learning Environmental Science

From November 2007 until October 2009 a consortium of eleven partners from seven different European countries implemented the project “BLES – Blended Learning Environmental Science”.

Co-financed by the European programme “Life-Long Learning” the project´s objective was to qualify staff of the waste management sector in the treatment and use of organic waste.

The BLES project followed the so-called blended-learning concept, which is characterised by the use of web-based learning material in combination with face to face classroom arrangements. As the main achievement of the project seven different learning units have been created. After each learning unit a workshop was carried out to clarify resulting questions and to impart additional, practice relevant knowledge.


The main target group of the project comprised staff of composting plants and other waste-relevant institutions dealing with the treatment and use of organic waste.

The project consortium comprised partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta and Poland.


Project duration

November 2007 – October 2009


Dr. Ulrich Eimer

The Project consortium

Funding information

Life Long Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci


Resource efficiency

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