Climate Adaption Concept Bochum

In 2012, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum creates a climate adaptation concept for the city of Bochum in cooperation with EPC.

The objective for the creation of the concept coordinated by the planning department of the City of Bochum is to develop a comprehensive strategy for the entire city with regard to the climatic changes that Bochum should expect in the future. In addition to a citywide analysis of the future changes, planning measures should be developed for areas that will potentially be especially affected by such changes. These measures should be tested and assessed based on specific test cases.

EPC will arrange for the inclusion of stakeholders in the form of meetings with them, informational citizens workshops and additional events as part of the project. Furthermore, EPC provides support for the City of Bochum in the area of public relations related to the project.

klima bochum I

(Source: Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Project duration

January 2012 – February 2013


Dr. Ulrich Eimer

The Project consortium

Funding information

Climate Initiative of the Ministry for the Environment (BMU)


Adaptation design

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