Expert exchange – climate resilience and heat management for Regensburg

The climate resilience management of the city of Regensburg implements a multi-stage participation process focusing on heat management in close coordination with the relevant departments of the city administration and with the active involvement of local associations. The aim of this process is to develop demand driven, practically implementable key measures to increase climate resilience in Regensburg and thus in particular to protect vulnerable groups.

EPC supports the city of Regensburg’s climate resilience management in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the interactive participation process along four fields of action. On this basis, EPC develops a practice-oriented catalog of actions with 10 key measures. The main challenges in this process include the large number of actors to be involved within and outside the administration as well as the large number of potentially relevant measures.

In addition to internal and external participation, an online survey was carried out in the city of Regensburg with the aim of deriving further information from the citizens for the measures developed in the workshops and introducing them into the catalog of actions.

Project duration

March 2021 – December 2021


Dr. Ulrich Eimer


Klimaresilienzmanagement der Stadt Regensburg
Contact: Katharina Schätz
Tel.: +49-(0)941-507-3025

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