Development of an incentive system for climate protection and adaptation to climate change

The city of Herford is developing an incentive system for local companies that will make Herford more attractive as a business location and at the same time strengthen efforts to protect the climate and adapt to the effects of climate change in the industry.

One aspect of the incentive system can include a purchase price adjustment, which depends on the type and scope of the implementation of climate-friendly measures by the companies. The incentive system should include measures for climate protection and adaptation to climate change, taking into account both new and existing companies.

In addition, the concept should include recommendations on cooperation, support and advice offers for individual companies and for industrial parks. For this purpose, a large portfolio of possible measures can be used, which above all also focuses on the cooperation and exchange of companies within an industrial park.

Together with the Gertec company, EPC is developing the conceptual basis and the first text modules for such an incentive system, focusing on local needs and potential in the city of Herford.

Project duration

October 2021 – March 2022


Dr. Ulrich Eimer

The Project consortium


Wirtschaftsförderung der Stadt Herford
Contact: Lisa Kunert
Tel.: +49 (0)5221 189 202


Adaptation design

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