H2020 project: E2DRIVER
Training on energy audits as an Energy Efficiency DRIVER for the automotive sector

As part of the sustainable growth strategy of the European Union, energy efficiency plays a crucial role in reducing CO2-driven growth. Despite wide-ranging energy efficiency measures key barriers hindering the implementation of such instruments in SMEs still remain: apart from a knowledge gap, necessary investment expenditures play an important role as well.

The European automotive sector is one of the most energy intensive industries in the economy. Despite rising energy prices and the fact that roughly 90% of energy consumption in the supply chain of the car industry occurs in supplier SMEs, energy costs receive little attention in these companies.

e2Driver kickoff-meeting

To close that gap, the H2020 project E2DRIVER, coordinated by the Spanish partner CIRCE, will develop a practice-oriented, didactic and innovative learning platform on energy efficiency in the auto parts supplier industry for SMEs. The learning platform will help train and equip SMEs with relevant knowledge for planning energy efficiency measures and their successful implementation. Apart from technological features, the non-technological aspects, such as cost-benefit analyses, play a role as well. The learning platform will be created and used cooperatively, incentivising the trainees’ exchange of experiences among themselves.

The training programme will initially be developed for and tested on 12 pilot companies in Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Following that, 28 replication companies will further incorporate a modified programme based on the evaluation of pilot companies’ training process. In total, 60 people will be qualified to carry out energy saving measures in their respective companies and beyond. In the long-term, the platform is planned to be disseminated across the EU.

EPC will accompany the process by helping select adequate learning management systems, developing the learning platform, and creating a communication channel to disseminate project results, mobilise stakeholders and create networks with relevant platforms.

For further Information see: www.E2DRIVER.eu


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