H2020 project: ENABLING
Enhance New Approaches in BioBased Local Innovation Networks for Growth

There are currently only a few networks at the national and international level that address the value chains of bio-based products and processes (BBP). In particular, small agricultural companies involved in the production of biomass for the bio-based industry (BBI) often lack the know-how to optimise their processes. The lack of efficient value chains ultimately hinders economic development of agricultural companies and industrial enterprises. The H2020 project ENABLING intends to create for this type of supply and demand a permanent information and brokerage platform for the European BBP sector.


The H2020 project ENABLING will be carried out with partners from 13 different European countries in order to drive continuous and international capacity building over a period of three years. In addition to the characterisation of biomass resources and industrial processes, best practice examples are identified from all participating countries. These are developed into a systemic approach that includes all socio-economic and environmental aspects as well as relevant stakeholders. The transfer of knowledge to local stakeholders initially takes place via workshops, webinars and target-group-specific coaching. In the later stage of the project, the mediation of stakeholders (farmers, companies from BBI) via the platform is envisaged.

EPC is responsible for the final product, the technical-conceptual development of the innovation brokerage platform. At the national level, best practice examples are collected by EPC and consolidated at European level via various event formats. The results and information are communicated to the relevant German stakeholders.

For further Information see: www.enabling-project.com

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