In the context of global climate change, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or heatwaves are more common than previously. This affects in particular the quality of life of local residents in high-density neighbourhoods. In the future municipalities, companies and private households will face increasingly significant costs as a result, including the removal of damages, higher sickness absence rates and rising insurance costs. In order to mitigate these effects, comprehensive climate adaptation measures are required.

The project “KiezKlima” focusses on the neighbourhood level. Aiming at the usage of already existing participatory structures within the pilot area Brunnenviertel-Brunnenstraße (Berlin-Wedding) first structural measures are implemented. The project ties in with the processes and strategies of the neighbourhood management established in 2005. Measures of climate change adaptation are developed, discussed, planned and implemented in cooperation with residents and stakeholders of the district.

The project “KiezKlima” entails central questions:

  • What kind of participation is needed for the implementation of climate adaptation measures at the neighbourhood level?
  • What form of address reaches the diverse stakeholders?
  • What specific adaptation measures can be derived, further developed and implemented from the current state of the local microclimate of the pilot area?
  • Which findings are transferable to other districts

Thementische KiezKlima

EPC supports the project management and coordinates the nationwide transfer of the resulting recommendations. EPC is furthermore in charge of the general public relation of the “KiezKlima” project. In addition EPC assists the consortium with the development of an action guideline that is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s processes as well as results and incorporates transferable recommendations for other urban districts in Germany.

The triennial pilot project is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) as part of the “German Strategy for the Adaptation to Climate Change”.

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