Developing a standardized consultation process to plan and implement climate adaptation measures for companies in business parks.

Climate change is increasingly exacerbating problems related to heat stress and flooding, which has negative impacts on companies and business parks. Adaptation to the impacts of climate change is therefore necessary. However, the motivation of companies to implement climate adaptation measures depends on the degree to which they are affected, their knowledge on the topic and the possible planning and construction solutions, as well as on the economic viability of these measures. In this context, there is currently a lack of a structured and transparent support and consultation process for companies and municipal institutions through which knowledge about planning, technology, funding opportunities and implementation options can be offered in a bundled form from a single source.

Based on the ongoing project Klima.Profit and the Ökoprofit process, a standardised consultation process for companies and business parks is being developed in the project KLIMA.PROFIT NATIONAL. The process promotes participatory and integrated planning and the implementation of climate adaptation measures and brings them into realization. This is to take place primarily at the company level, but also in a network of companies within business parks and in cooperation with the municipalities. The overall objective of this project is to develop the prerequisites and the concept for the consulting process and to prepare the subsequent transfer and possible licensing of the process.

EPC has partnered with the German Institute of Urban Affairs to work together on KLIMA.PROFIT NATIONAL. In addition to developing the structure and content of the consulting process, the national roll-out is being prepared cooperatively.



June 2020 – May 2022


Jaron Berg
Vera Bartolovic
Dr. Ulrich Eimer

ProjeCt Consortium

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Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt


Erneuerbare Energien
Adaptation planning

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