CLIM-CAP – Qualification for Climate adaptation in Construction, Architecture and Planning

Competences for sustainable city development: Qualification for Climate adaptation in Construction, Architecture and Planning / CLIM-CAP – Development of a vocational training course on climate adaptation for staff in planning and construction.

Impacts of climate change raise the need for adaptation measures to increase the resilience of all European regions. The practical implementation of adaptation measures in urban areas takes primarily place at regional and local level, particularly in urban surroundings. In this regard, responsible planners, architects, decision-makers and other planning and process relevant occupational groups play an outstanding role. Missing qualification with respect to adaptation to climate change is a bottleneck for implementation. CLIM-CAP is to build these competences by developing a vocational training for the target groups mentioned above, both for the public and for the private sector. The pressure to adapt to climate change in urban areas is already very high, since existing problems need to be solved and future-oriented concepts have to be developed. Time is pressing, as sustainable urban renewal can only be implemented in the long-tern.

Adaptation to climate change is a future-oriented, challenging task for professionals and decision-makers in the city and regional planning. The CLIM-CAP training course will include expertise on climate adaptation from various EU countries and thus contribute on different levels of climate change adaptation strategies. Based on a detailed market and demand analysis, the consortium of six partners from five different countries will develop innovative, target group-specific curricula. In addition to modules with a focus on adaptation techniques and their integration into regional and local planning are teaching units focusing on conflict mediation and the involvement of stakeholders developed. A pilot course during the duration of the project will be tested in all five countries of the consortium.

The main project outcome will be a marketable training course that deals with climate adaptation in regional and local planning. In the long term a Europe-wide dissemination of the training is planned in order to maximise the impact of the project.

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