H2020 project: POWER4BIO
emPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of european BIOeconomy

The POWER4BIO project aims at empowering regional stakeholders to boost the transition towards bioeconomy regions in Europe by providing them with the necessary tools, instruments and guidance to develop and implement sound sustainable bioeconomy strategies.

In particular, POWER4BIO will define a methodology based on a 3-steps approach: stakeholders engagement, regional analysis and strategy development. The project will develop a “Bioregional Strategy Accelerator Toolkit” and a catalogue of bio-based business models to support regions understand, identify and select the most adequate bio-based solutions for developing their bioeconomy.

POWER4BIO - Kickoff-Meeting in Brüssel

Moreover, POWER4BIO will rely on a comprehensive programme to foster mutual learning and intra- and interregional collaboration as well as networking among regional stakeholders to ensure knowledge transfer across sectors and regions. 10 participant regions (5 of which coming from Central and Eastern Europe) from 9 different countries will jointly develop and complement different sustainable bioeconomy value chains.

POWER4BIO - Kickoff-Meeting in Brüssel

Finally, POWER4BIO will design and deliver an ambitious training programme to increase the skills and capacity of the regional stakeholders in several important aspects of the bioeconomy (sustainability in the bio-based value chains, synergies in funding instruments, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, etc.).

Within POWER4BIO, EPC will be responsible for the dissemination and communication of project content and activities towards the envisaged target groups and will contribute to capacity building by developing a web-based GIS-tool to enable continuous information exchange among the participant regions.

For further Information see: www.power4bio.eu

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